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Mid Season Predictions


East: Boston Red Sox

Central: Chicago White Sox

West: Texas Rangers

Wild Card: New York Yankess

East: Philadelphia Phillies

Central: Chicago Cubs

West: Los Angeles Dodgers

Wild Card: Colorado Rockies

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2009 MLB Playoff and Awards Predictions

American League

East: Boston Red Sox

Central: Chicago White Sox

West: Los Angeles Angels

Wild Card: New York Yankees

National League

East: New York Mets

Central: Chicago Cubs

West: Los Angeles Dodgers

Wild Card: Philadelphia Phillies

Division Series

AL(1) Red Sox over Angels (in 4)

AL(2) Yankees over White Sox (in 5)

NL(1) Cubs over Phillies (in 4)

NL(2) Mets over Dodgers (in 5)

Championship Series

AL: Yankees over Red Sox (in 7)

NL: Cubs over Mets (in 6)

World Series

Cubs over Yankees (in 6 games)


American League Awards :

MVP: Josh Hamilton, TEX

Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia, NYY

Manager: Joe Girardi, NYY

ROY: Elvis Andrus, TEX

Comeback: Mike Lowell, BOS

HR Leader: Miguel Cabrera, DET


National League Awards :

MVP: Hanley Ramierz, FLA

Cy Young: Johan Santana, NYM

Manager: Joe Torre, LAD

ROY: Jordan Zimmerman, WAS

Comeback: Troy Tulowitski, COL

HR Leader: Adam Dunn, WAS


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N.L. West Predictions

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Manny Ramirez guides this offsense which looked like an elite team in the 2nd half of last season. The lineup is solid from 1-8, with only Ramirez being the sub average defensive player. The rotation is a mix of young arms with skilled veterans, while the bullpen is loaded with strong young guns like Jonathan Broxton. Their balance around the roster will win them the division.

2. Arizona Dimondbacks

  • Their rotation is great, their bullpen is below average. But their lineup is full of young talent, that has a unifying theme, they strike out...a lot. If they can find some patience this season they could be a serious contender.

3. Colorado Rockies

  • The Holliday trade will hurt them, but the young talent they got in exchange is soon to produce. They have a solid lineup with a returing Troy Tulowitzki from an injury plaqued season a year ago. Their bullpen should be a strengh...but their rotation is average at best.

4. San Fransisco Giants

  • Their rotation has two great former Cy-young winners, who are shells of their former selves, while thier offense is in a serious rebuilding phase. The presence of young talent in the line up and rotation needs a little seasoning, but in a few seasons they will be ready to compete

5. San Diego Padres

  • Not many bright spots, if Jake Peavy gets traded, they will probably be looking at the #1 pick in the 2010 draft.


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AL East Predictions

1. Boston Red Sox

  • The Sox have not only one of the most solid lineups in baseball, but a strong pitching rotation that can withstand the long season with lots of capable young arms in the minor in case of injury. The biggest question mark is which J.D. Drew, David Ortiz, and Mike Lowell will show up this season following their injuries last year.

2. New York Yankees (Wild Card)

  • Offseason moves will help them get back into the postseason after their one year absense. Mark Texiera gives them a power hitter to protect ARod when he returns in May, and C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett give them a solid 1-2 punch to compete with the others in the division (Beckett-Dice-K, Kazmir-Shields).

3. Tampa Bay Rays

  • Surprise team of last year will not be able to compete at the same level this season. Their rotation is shaky and their bullpen has great arms, when their healthy. The line-up is well balanced but has quite a few question marks, including the alarming number of K's coming from Evan Longoria, Pat Burrell, Carlos Pena, and B.J. Upton.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

  • They will finish in last if Rolen ca'tn stay healthy and begin to produce again (or) if they trade Roy Halladay (or) their makeshift rotation falls apart. A team that is beginning the rebuilding process, and Lind and Snider could be bright spots.

5. Baltimore Orioles

  • They have very little in the way of starting pitching, and in this division will handicap them severly. As a team their going to rely a lot upon their speed and ability to play small ball, in a division with high powered offenses. Their bullpen is full of quesion marks, especiall closer, Chris Ray and George Sherill both getting save opportunities. Adam Jones and Feilx Pie could emerge as well-rounded offensive and defensive players.






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AL Central Predictions

1. White Sox

2. Indians

3. Twins

4. Tigers

5. Royals


1. Chicago White Sox : They have the fire power to keep up with the big dogs of the AL, but with players like Dye, Thome, and Konerko getting older, this may be there last go round before a couple years of rebuilding. Alexi Ramierz is looking like he is going to be the next big AL shortstop star and the center piece of the offense. The rotation is good but not great, but the bullpen is solid with Jenks, Dotel, and Thornton. This division will be very close, and could come down to a similar finish to last season's one game playoff.

2. Cleveland Indians : The additions of this off-season weren't that publicized, but will make them a divison contender. DeRosa gives them a solid bat to protect Hafner, who could make a run at comeback player of the year...if he doesnt lost it to teammate Victor Martinez. Sizemore might be the best 5-tool player in the game and anchors a pretty solid outfield. The Indians rotation is filled with young talent with a mix of veteran experience. The bullpen is a big strengh of the team now with Kerry Wood as a defined closer and relivers coming off a good season like Perez, Smith, and Lewis.

3. Minnesota Twins : The Twins seem to be in the race every year, but this year their lack of offensive power will cost them a chance to seriously compete in this divison. Their biggest strength is their young starting rotation with Liriano, Baker, and Slowey. They need to develop or bring in another big bat like Morneau to protect him in the lineup. Nathan is one of the best closers in the game and is as close to a sure thing as you can have.

4. Detroit Tigers : Last year they were the most disapointing team in the majors, and it looks like they will be in the middle of the pack again in the divsion. Their rotation is full of question marks, even though Verlander looking like an ace at times. The rest of the rotation is inconsistent and the bullpen is in the same boat. They have some power arms in the bullpen but the ERA's are not impressive. They have superstars on offense, but never seem to be healthy at the same time. Cabrera is an almost annual allstar and Magglio continues to contribute. If the rotation can come together, they could make it interesteing.

5. Kansas City Royals : They have a lot of average major league hitters in the lineup, but have no big bat to center the offense around. Jacobs is a good addition, and hitters like Gordon and Teahen have potential. The only problem is there is no well rounded hitter who hits for average and power. Crisp and Aviles give them some speed at the top of the lineup. The rotation is average, Greinke is a low-end ace and Meche is a consitant starter, but beyond that its young, inconsistent talent. The bullpen does have Joakim Soria and Ron Mahay who are both proven relievers, and Farnsworth does show occasional flashes of greatness, but they wont often have to worry about holding that many leads.


Leave me some coments on what you think, get the chatter started.

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AL West Predictions

1. Angels
2. Rangers
3. A's
4. Mariners

Angels- There too stacked in the starting rotation to falter again this year. The only major questions they have are on the infield and how the progression of young players will go. The outfield is definitely their biggest strength.

Rangers- There going to keep trying their strategy of scoring as many runs as possible and hope their sub-par rotation and bullpen can give up less than they score. Young players like Davis, Andrus, and Teagarden are going to contribute this year.

A's- They have some of the pieces in place to be a contender, but some spots in the lineup are filled with annual underachievers (Chavez and Crosby). The Rotation is full of young talent but most of them still need some seasoning.

Mariners- Umm, they do have King Felix and Ichiro, but after that there isnt very much in terms of guaranteed production. If Bedard, Beltre, Washburn, and Johjima cab return to form they will be able to at least compete. They do have a lot of young talent but none that will make a significant impact.    

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